About Us

The HUT 8 team focuses on digitizing the human experience in Education, banking and tourism industries. As an agile company we partner with Sri Lankan startups and work together to shape the future of Sri Lankan Society. Our team combines international experience in building digital business models with relevant expertise in the modernization of B2B processes.

Nirusha Dissanayake

Founder & Managing Director

Asela Dissanayake

Founder & CEO

Our Values



Integrity is the corner stone of HUT 8, We strive to implemment sound moral and ethical principals at work and among employess and between HUT 8 and its customers, principals and business partners.



We strive to understand our employees beyond the work life relationship and gain better understanding to cutivate emphaty to build respect among employees, customers, and business partners.



We will be transparent in all matters between employees, customers and business partners to ensure the integrity, respect and excellence is maitnained in our relationships.



We will corlaborate with each other to complete the task at hand or help others to complete the work.



We strive to excel our capabilities and expertise to benift the employees and customers. We will understand capabilities and expertise of others and strive to help each other to achieve their goals and targets.

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